SAM_AGThe national office for Assemblies of God Senior Adult Ministries is a great resource. Prime Online is full of helpful tips, resources, articles and links dealing with ministry, health, finances and practical living for today's seniors.

RV_VolunteersRV-Volunteers are Assemblies of God men and women who travel in their Recreational Vehicles, at their own expense, usually parking their rigs on the job site, and provide construction, support and/or evangelism ministry to a local church or other Assembly of God ministry.

Screen_Shot_2013-05-16_at_1.17_.48_PM__thumbWith intergenerational collaboration, Young Enough to Serve helps churches and ministries engage adults over fifty in serving and disciple-making.

againgbydesignWith intergenerational collaboration, Aging By Design's goal is to counsel and teach individuals, families, pastors, and counselors how to become more familiar with the aspects of aging. There are numerous ways in which an individual can maintain independence, live a healthy lifestyle, and continue to have an active and productive life. People will learn that being old is not synonymous with helplessness, or that elderly people can't do anything for themselves. Aging by Design Ministry aims to make available resources, information, and advice on aging issues.

2nd_Half_logo"Helping people who are 50 plus DISCOVER, DEVELOP, and DEPLOY their talents to make a difference in the world…”

50 Alive offers such things as a Study Book about issues and inspiration for those in the Second Half of Life, a Music CD for small groups, and a CD Teaching Series on how to develop a ministry for those who are 50 Plus.

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